Edible-izing Adelaide

Several Holdfast Bay residents harvested their surplus home-grown fruits and vegetables yesterday to participate in Edible-izing Adelaide. Despite a cold and wet Sunday afternoon, this was the largest food and produce swap in Adelaide to date. If you were unable to join us on the day, check out all the freshly picked, seasonal produce below. Doesn’t it look  healthy, crunchy and yummy!

de june 2014 028

There was lots of citrus – including mandarins, lemons, limes and oranges – pomegranates, kale, silver beet, spinach, pumpkins, Jerusalem artichokes, chilies, bay leaves, parsley, lemongrass, walnuts, home-made preserves of all kinds, vegetable seedlings, seeds, worm juice fertiliser, gardening magazines and more.

The event was organised by the founders of Ripe Near Me – a website for finding, sharing or selling garden produce. We also heard talks from Sophie Thomson and Costa Georgiadis from Gardening Australia.

This was a great opportunity to meet fellow gardeners and home producers, swap tips and stories, celebrate the abundance of produce and generosity and participate in this growing movement.

For more information about the day’s events, have a read.

de june 2014 041

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2 Responses to Edible-izing Adelaide

  1. stephen says:

    Great first blog, Veronique. I look forward to reading more, Stephen.

  2. Sounds like a really good idea. Glad it was a success.

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