Winter solstice 2014

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On the day of the winter solstice the interval between sunrise and sunset is the shortest in the year. The sun reaches its furthest north position in the sky and starts moving back towards the south. This year’s winter solstice is on Saturday 21 June with 8:51 pm the time that the Sun is furthest north. After 21 June the days start becoming longer and night time shorter. In ancient Europe the winter solstice was a time of celebration and the folks at Holdfast Bay’s community garden plan to light up a lunchtime barbie and enjoy mulled wine and spiced hot lemon drink.

Would you like to join in and celebrate the winter solstice, community, sustainability and food?

If your answer is yes, come along to the community garden this Saturday 21st June at 12:30. Come earlier if you would also like to do some gardening. Bring some meat to share, a small salad or desert and perhaps a little wine to add to the mull. Oh and remember to dress warmly.

The community garden is located at the rear of the Glenelg North Community Centre, corner of Kibby Avenue and Alison Street, Glenelg North. Kibby Avenue runs off Tapley’s Hill Road. If you are not a member of the garden and would like to join on the day,  membership is only $10.

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One Response to Winter solstice 2014

  1. Great to see people acknowledging seasonal transitions and marking these with positive social events! I think it’s an important way to not only improve social relations but develop a deeper empathy with our surroundings and our interdependence with it. And, you don’t always need druids to do it!

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