Power to the people

This week, we received a notice from our energy supplier informing us the cost of gas and electricity is going up. As the cost of energy continues to increase, the boom in solar installation shows no sign of slowing down. More than a million Australians have already installed solar panels on their roofs, catching the energy sector by surprise and causing demand for electricity from the grid to plummet. In South Australia, a quarter of households have made the switch to solar.

solar hutMore people all over the world are switching to solar. Photo of  African hut from ‘Engineering and Technology Magazine’.

This is positive and hopeful news for those of us concerned about Climate Change and the ever-increasing amounts of CO2 emissions caused by our extravagant use of fossil fuels. Since ordinary Australians are joining the rest of the world in a move to embrace renewable energy production, why are our government’s policies intent on drawing us backwards? Stephen Long, from ABC Four Corners, investigates in Power to the people.

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