Adelaide Climate Action March

Crowds gathered today, in Adelaide city. Young and old, able bodied and wheel chair bound, they marched for ‘Climate Action Now!’, in solidarity with all those who will march in Australia and around the world tomorrow.

climate march 20 sept '14 031The aim is to send a strong message to the 125 Heads of State meeting in New York next Monday. The United Nations Secretary is hosting the UN Climate Summit 2014 to engage world leaders from government, finance, business, and civil society in advancing climate action. The Summit comes one year before countries aim to conclude a global climate agreement in 2015 through the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

climate march 20 sept '14 036

Taking off from Rundle Park

We heard form Fran Baum – Flinders University‘s  Professor of Public Health, who spoke about our addiction to carbon, the threat to our health, and urged us to think of the Precautionary Principle.Tony Dickson, volunteer fire fighter from Victor Harbour,  spoke about the increased risk of fires and the worrying decline in fire fighting volunteers in recent years. He advocated for our farmers, urging us to pay a fair price for food.

climate march 20 sept '14 042 - Copy

A couple of thousand people marching down North Terrace

We also heard from two participants in the  Bentley Blockade and from the Australian Climate Coalition. There was  a strong presence from the Australian Greens, with Senators Penny Wright and Mark Parnell being the only politicians in attendance.

climate march 20 sept '14 054

Marching past parliament House

climate march 20 sept '14 025 - Copy

climate march 20 sept '14 010 - Copy (2)

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