December Share & Swap

We gathered in Heather’s garden on a warm and sunny Sunday morning for our last swap & share of the year. Neighbours brought onion and tomato seedlings, potatoes, cucumbers, garlic, zucchinis, walnuts and brazil nuts, gardening books, home-made Christmas cards, seeds, herbal teas and lavender sachets.

December S&S 014

The garden is a patchwork of lawn, vegetables, potted fruit trees and flowers. It is a peaceful, ordered space, beautiful in its simplicity. Although this garden makes growing a bountiful amount of food appear effortless, we all know better.

December S&S 036

Half the backyard’s original lawn was removed to make way for several raised vegetables beds. These now grow a variety of summer vegetables and herbs – zucchinis, onions, cucumbers, silver-beet, tomatoes, lettuces, eggplant and capsicums.

December S&S 016

The raised beds, constructed from a variety of materials – left over building bricks, corrugated steel and sturdy recycled plastic – are surrounded by soft paths covered with sawdust.

December S&S 035

 A simple structure provides shade over the vegetables and fruit trees during hot summer days. It can be easily removed and packed away for the rest of the year.

g 001 - CopyDecember S&S 017Four lucky chickens free-range in a large, enclosed run. A central, mature fig tree provides shade throughout the hot summer months. The coop is positioned to shelter the birds from the strong west-southerly winds.

December S&S 031

Fruit trees and herbs grow together in half wine barrels on the edge of the vegetable garden. Heather has plans for more fruit trees and wants to experiment with espalier. Having already lost half the lawn, her husband is understandably hesitant about this new project. Yet fellow gardeners strolling around this garden already know that, in the end, patience and reason will prevail.

Over the summer months, many of us will be busy bottling and preserving an abundant harvest. There were hints of special recipes for tomato sauce and someone suggested we could perhaps organise a community bottling day.

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4 Responses to December Share & Swap

  1. Elaine Seaman says:

    Hi Veronique

    Love the sound of a bottling day! I have an electric Vacola unit, the really big stainless steel thermostatically controlled one (I was lucky enough to grab it off ebay for $90! They’re hundreds new J ) So would love to either join in, or possibly lend it if I can’t come on the day.


    • That unit was a real bargain! I have the cheaper, plastic version which is also good but, unlike the stainless steel version, it will not last forever…
      Nadja is keen to organise a bottling session at her place and fire up her pizza oven for lunch. I will ask her to put you on her mailing list 🙂

  2. sallyashaw says:

    Hi Veronique, For some strange reason my computer hasn’t kept your email address so I’m writing via your blog. It was lovely to meet you and thank you so much for coming to our TAH meeting. You are an inspiration and I’m sure our group could learn lots from you. I’ve written some notes regarding the TAH meeting at Simon’s house and will send them to you once I have your email address. Please send it to me. Many thanks, Sally

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