The Sampson Flat fire – day 6

Our thoughts this week are with all the people affected by the Sampson Flat (Mt Lofty Ranges) fire – one of the worst bush fires in South Australian history. Today’s conditions are particularly catastrophic. It’s 12.10pm and the temperature is already 39.8C with potential northerly winds this afternoon. Words cannot describe the devastation.


Source: Firefighters work to secure SA bushfire ahead of wind change.

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3 Responses to The Sampson Flat fire – day 6

  1. I hesitate at clicking the like button. This is terrible.

    • Actually, that’s a really interesting comment. I am new to blogging so the ‘like’ buttons are a little mysterious. On the one hand I quite like them because I get to see who is reading my blog and also discover some interesting blogs. On the other hand, if/ when I post something sad or bad news, the reader is unlikely to click on ‘like’. It would be great to have access to other buttons such as ‘interesting’ or ‘surprising’ …

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