February Share & Swap

Today’s neighbourhood Share & Swap took place in our backyard with a variety of summer fruits and vegetables changing hands as well as recipes and tips for looking after chickens. This month Rob is chook minding for two local households away on holidays. He is managing chicken politics with his usual aplomb, giving the harassed groups freedom to range in his backyard.

1 feb 15 swap 014 - Copy

Let’s see what’s on the table today… It’s a good year for peaches with Rob’s weighing in at half a kilo each instead of the usual 150 grams. Zucchinis are always abundant at this time of year and several kilos were shared around. Marian deals with the surplus by adding cups-full of grated zucchinis to her chocolate cake recipe. Meanwhile Heather, whose husband does not like zucchinis, has experimented with growing the yellow variety this year, surreptitiously adding them to baked slices. While she told her story, the rest of us were busy taking notes.

1 feb 15 swap 004 - Copy

Have you ever tried growing Golden Nugget pumpkins? It is rare to find a shop or market selling these yet they are very useful when you only want to cook a small amount and they are good keepers, remaining viable for months if stored properly.

19 jan 15 007 - Copy

Ruth’s seven meter high pear tree produced an abundance of tasty pears this summer. Given its size the tree is impossible to net but, luckily for all of us, the parrots were not overly interested in this year’s crop.

1 feb 15 swap 022 - Copy

We also shared seeds, eggplants, kale, silver-beet, gardening magazines, capsicums, lemon-verbena and nectarines…

1 feb 15 swap 010 - Copy

…tea, coffee, home-baked muffins, cookies and pancakes, while I explained the Fowlers Vacola bottling method – an energy-efficient way to store surplus fruits and vegetables. Later today I plan to preserve some of the produce from this morning’s abundant and generous Swap & Share.

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10 Responses to February Share & Swap

  1. Sarhn says:

    Now that looks like a gathering I would of liked to be at!

  2. Amy Shoe says:

    Looking at this from a blustery, wintery Wales, this summer bounty looks superb! Truly inspiring.

  3. I love this idea! I live in an intentional community and we’re trying to find ways to draw people together more. I think a swap ‘n share is a great way to do it. Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

  4. baug1231 says:

    Looks like a lot of fun! I’m interested in learning more about the Fowlers Vacola method. Have you any posts about it?

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