March Share & Swap

Today we returned to Rob & Marian’s garden to share & swap our surplus plants and backyard produce. Let’s have a quick look around this edible suburban garden.

1 March 2015 S&S 028 - Copy

Here is Rob taking us on a tour of the backyard and explaining his gardening methods.

swap table june 2014 026 - Copy

Back in June 2014, this backyard was filled with winter produce – carrots, cabbages, cauliflowers, spinach and silver-beet, winter lettuces and more.

1 March 2015 S&S 004 - Copy

Although we are now in late summer/early autumn, there are still plenty of tomatoes growing on sturdy trellises with corn in the background …

1 March 2015 S&S 026 - Copy

… zucchini, eggplants, asparagus and colourful chilies.

1 March 2015 S&S 044 - Copy

In this sheltered sunny spot we found late-season strawberries and autumn seedlings.

1 March 2015 S&S 041 - Copy

We noticed that all the raised garden beds have a built-in drip irrigation system and removable shade on top of permanent wooden frames. Winter vegetable seedlings are already in the ground.

1 March 2015 S&S 014 - Copy

Fourteen chickens free range under fruit trees in a large, enclosed area at the rear of the garden.

swap table june 2014 020 - Copy

The compost system consists of two large bays to which chicken manure, straw, garden clippings and food scraps are added and regularly turned over.

1 March 2015 S&S 012 - Copy

Here is a tree tomato (or Tamarillo) loaded with fruit.

Do you know about this plant? It is native to South America and can reach a height of three to four meters. A rare sight in Australian suburbia, it has an average lifespan of four years. The trees bloom in early spring and produce fragrant pink flowers. These turn into an egg-shaped fruit which tastes quite bitter. Because of this the plant tends to be grown more for its ornamental qualities.

1 March 2015 S&S 055 - Copy

Today we shared & swapped jars of fig and tangelo jam, fresh limes, tomatoes, eggplants, corn cobs and apples, potted aloe Vera and perpetual basil, a banana tree, citronella cuttings, coffee grounds and seedlings of sweet potato, kale, silver-beet, Calendula, borage, cape gooseberries and amaranth, tea, coffee and home-baked treats.

1 March 2015 S&S 016 - Copy

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7 Responses to March Share & Swap

  1. What a beautiful, bountiful garden. I love the shade structures and the happy looking chooks 🙂

  2. Di Hogg says:

    wow! I love all the wooden structures…mine a re coming on but still have a way to go.
    fab pics of a very full garden – great work Rob and Marion.

  3. Sarhn says:

    What a wonderful garden. I would have loved walking through and taking the tour too. Great shots Veronique 🙂

  4. Thanks, Sarhn. I find productive gardens unique and refreshing. Like life, they are also imperfect, ordinary and real. Shit happens and productive gardeners use it as fertiliser to grow new things with.

  5. Nice bounty! It’s not even quite spring here but your pictures sure have me looking forward to summer.

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