Changing the World with Sustainable in Holdfast Bay

I have not posted here for quite a while. We have been dealing with a few health issues and so priorities had to be re-organised!
Last month I was interviewed by Sarah, the author of ‘New England Permaculture Homestead’. I am re-blogging her post here because it covers a bit of history on how we got started on the sustainability path. I would also like to recommend Sarah’s blog to any of you who may be interested in permaculture.

Building a New England Homestead

Today’s episode of Changing the World comes all the way from Austrailia!  Here is what Sustainable in Holdfast Bay had to share with us:

What is your blog and/or project about?

“I started the blog about 8 months ago, primarily as a means to share information and as a way to document local sustainability initiatives. I live in Brighton, a suburb of Holdfast Bay in South Australia, and I write about the changes my husband and I,  and members of our local community, have made in our lives and on the home front in order to live more sustainably. I also trained as a Climate Reality Australia leader in June last year. The blog is also a way to promote this project and communicate local, national and global updates on climate change policies and initiatives.”

How do you think what you are doing is making things better?

“For us, living sustainably implies…

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3 Responses to Changing the World with Sustainable in Holdfast Bay

  1. Sarhn says:

    Hey Veronique, I noticed your blog has been quite of late. Sorry to hear of your health problems. Hope you and your family are all OK. 🙂

  2. Yvonne Allen says:

    Terrific work, Veronique. I always enjoy reading your blog. Yvonne

    Sent from my iPad


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