The neglected garden

Blogging about sustainability is not the only activity which has taken a back seat lately. Lots of other things seem to have temporarily fallen by the side.  So what does a usually productive garden look like after months of neglect? Months of no weeding, fertilising, turning soil over, planting, digging in compost, checking for pest damage, collecting seeds and all the other  activities that ensure an abundant supply of home-grown food all year round. Well, let’s take a look.

The neglected garden 16 june '15 005

The weeds are growing but seem to have stayed clear of the main paths, perhaps deterred by the thick layer of woodchip mulch and constant foot traffic to and from the compost bin.

The neglected garden 16 june '15 007 - Copy

The orange tree is loaded with fruit and it’s time to pick and share with friends and neighbours. The neglected garden 16 june '15 010 - Copy

There are still a few kilos of Granny Smiths on the apple tree. The leaves are becoming sparse though, so I will pick the fruit and store it in fruit boxes for the next few months.

The neglected garden 16 june '15 008 - Copy

Despite regular pickings the Warrigal Greens (a native spinach) have taken over one of the raised beds and I need to re-locate a few armfuls to the compost bin. No weeds in there as it’s already too crowded.

The neglected garden 16 june '15 011 - Copy

The perennial native celery has been a slow grower but is a useful staple to harvest all year round and a self-seeded Bok Choy is slowly taking over this raised bed – time for a quick stirfry.

The neglected garden 16 june '15 014 - Copy

These two silver-beet plants are in their third year and still going strong. A few armfuls will go to my neighbours’ chickens tomorrow.

The neglected garden 16 june '15 016 - Copy

The cherry tomato bush has been productive since last November. It’s not looking great but I am reluctant to remove it, so I just potted a few cuttings from its branches to re-plant next Spring.

The neglected garden 16 june '15 018 - Copy

Among the edible winter chickweed there are still plenty of healthy looking herbs – thyme, sage, parsley, oregano, perrenial basil, nasturtiums.

The neglected garden 16 june '15 019 - Copy

Cooking with Nettles is a must with such a plentiful supply and I always look forward to this winter treat. So easy. They just grow all by themselves with zero input from us.

And look what I found hidden amongst the vegie patch weeds…

The neglected garden 16 june '15 020 - Copy

Dozens of self-seeded winter vegetable seedlings were also growing around the compost bin. Some gardens seem to thrive even when neglected for long periods. I am so glad ours is one of those.

The neglected garden 16 june '15 021

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4 Responses to The neglected garden

  1. Di Hogg says:

    beautiful pictures Veronique

  2. Sarhn says:

    Isn’t rewarding to know your garden can survive and thrive without us for awhile. ☺

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