June Share & Swap

Last month’s neighbourhood Share & Swap was held in a local backyard where  fruit and vegetables grow abundantly all year round. Here, home-made  garden structures are created from recycled materials and  many common gardening problems are solved simply and organically. let’s take a quick tour of this inspiring and productive garden.

Swap & Share June 2015 034 - Copy

 Here is a large, circular herb garden  made with re-cycled bricks.

Swap & Share June 2015 021 - Copy

Bunches of ripening apples  are wrapped in small bags made of netting – a convenient alternative to netting the entire tree.

Swap & Share June 2015 038 - Copy

The winter crop is protected from frost damage and pests by re-using cut plastic bottles as cloches.

Swap & Share June 2015 026

Re-cycled wooden planks are used as movable stepping paths to avoid soil compaction.

Swap & Share June 2015 039 - Copy

All garden clippings are re-cycled on site via many large compost heaps.

Swap & Share June 2015 044 - Copy

Strawberry plants are kept warm and productive with a simple structure made from a salvaged window supported by bricks.

Swap & Share June 2015 032 - Copy

Here is a simple, home-made dehydrator constructed with recycled metal and a sheet of soft plastic.

Swap & Share June 2015 045 - Copy

This mid-winter tomato crop was established in full sun and protected by circles of salvaged corrugated plastic creating a hothouse environment.

Swap & Share June 2015 017

Plenty of citrus, winter greens, broccoli, radishes, seedlings to share & swap!

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7 Responses to June Share & Swap

  1. Di says:

    really good images Veronique. I’d forgotten about a couple of F’s excellent ideas. Thanks for photos.

  2. Tania Macdonald says:

    Wow! So many great ideas 🙂

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  3. Sarhn says:

    Having individual fruit protection netted bags is a good idea Veronique.

  4. Green Gal says:

    Thanks for sharing! I’ve just recently begun gardening, and one of my favorite aspects is the myriad opportunities to re-purpose items that otherwise would get thrown in the recycle or trash bin. I love seeing ideas for new ways to re-purpose!

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