September Share & Swap

On a warm and sunny Spring day we gathered in Nadja and Andrew’s garden to share & swap our garden surplus over wood oven pizzas and home-baked sweets. With  an expert pizza dough maker like Nadja,  Andrew’s skills with the wood-fired oven, and Joel’s tomato sauce providing the perfect base for various toppings picked from each other’s gardens, this lunch was memorable.

September S&S 2015 041 - Copy

September S&S 2015 045 - Copy

September S&S 2015 006 - CopyOn our swap table this month we found leafy greens, root vegetables, seedlings & herbs, home-made preserves and backyard eggs.There was also plenty of time to enjoy the garden and learn from all its smart design ideas.

September S&S 2015 050 - Copy

This productive garden, created around permaculture principles,  produces an abundance of seasonal fruits and vegetables all year long. Since the garden is on the small side, vertical growing has been used to increase growing space.

September S&S 2015 030 - Copy

The verge side of the front fence grows a variety of herbs and colourful sweet peas attract pollinators.

September S&S 2015 020 - Copy

September S&S 2015 017 - CopySimple wire structures, their edges softened with grapevine clippings,  act as a wind break for a young plants and trees and support climbing plants and vegetables.

September S&S 2015 012 - Copy

Another simple, organic wind-break and re-cycling idea! These branch clippings and folded newspapers would also work well as a shade structure for small plants.

September S&S 2015 024 - Copy

Quick-growing, shallow-rooted vegetables such as lettuces can be easily be grown under summer fruiting trees, making good use of both space and water resources.

September S&S 2015 025 - Copy

‘Beauty surrounds us, but usually we need to be walking in a garden to know it.’ Rumi

If you are looking for more information about how to create a permaculture garden, I cannot recommend too highly Nadja’s blog – a treasure trove of terrific permaculture garden design tips and information!

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4 Responses to September Share & Swap

  1. baug1231 says:

    I see you’re enjoying spring. Looks like a fun time! Thanks for the recommendation!

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