Australia at the Paris Climate Talks

Australia is now been called the 57th worst performing country in the world when it comes to tackling Climate Change. Here is an informative summary of where the current Australian government stands on fossil fuel subsidies.


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2 Responses to Australia at the Paris Climate Talks

  1. baug1231 says:

    It’s disheartening that any government would subsidize the fossil fuel industry based on the records of pollution, fuel spills and accidents, public deceit, environmental degradation and an unwillingness to adapt to the future, the future that is here now in renewables. And it’s especially saddening that these fossil fuel companies have unlimited cash supplies so they can influence elections across the globe that favor corporate interests over progressive reforms. I know I am not an Australian, but we all share this world and what any of us do inherently affects all of us. Thanks for the share.

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