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The hottest month

Did you know last month was the hottest month since global records began back in 1880? The data released by NASA confirms the world is now in a Climate Emergency. More details at: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2016-03-14/february-smashed-all-time-global-heart-record/7246356 Advertisements

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Australia at the Paris Climate Talks

Australia is now been called the 57th worst performing country in the world when it comes to tackling Climate Change. Here is an informative summary of where the current Australian government stands on fossil fuel subsidies.  

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‘This Changes Everything’ – The Film

Naomi Klein’s book – This Changes Everything –  was published in September 2014. The book tackles the issues at the heart of Climate Change and analyses the root causes of the crisis. It is a demanding, thought-provoking read which rapidly became … Continue reading

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‘Australia’s longest conflict’

Climate change and national security are rarely thought of simultaneously yet damage from storm surges and sea-level rises on Australia’s dense coastal populations and the increased frequency of humanitarian disasters in the Indo-Asia-Pacific region are examples of how climate change can  impact on … Continue reading

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“Adapt to survive”

The science of climate change is a new publication from the Australian Academy of Science which aims to address the public confusion created by contradictory ‘information’ coming from a variety of non-scientific sources. The document clarifies the current situation in climate … Continue reading

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Autumn leaves in mid-summer

An unusual sight in the backyard this week – the leaves of ornamental pear trees, planted a few years ago for summer shade, are turning into striking autumn colours… in mid- summer. Could this be due to South Australia experiencing … Continue reading

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Australian attitudes towards Climate Change

What do Australians think about climate change, how do they rank this issue among others and how ‘green’ are they? How do your own attitudes, beliefs and behaviours compare with the 2014 survey participants’? The fourth annual survey of Australian attitudes to climate change … Continue reading

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