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Chop-and-drop mulching

It’s official – this Christmas will be a hot one! In our climate, mulching around plants and trees is not optional. It is simply an essential element to ensure their survival as well as an excellent water conservation strategy. At this time of … Continue reading

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September Share & Swap

On a warm and sunny Spring day we gathered in Nadja and Andrew’s garden to share & swap our garden surplus over wood oven pizzas and home-baked sweets. With  an expert pizza dough maker like Nadja,  Andrew’s skills with the wood-fired oven, and Joel’s tomato sauce providing … Continue reading

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The Hungry Season

Towards the end of winter we all long for the warmth and sunshine of Spring.  But early Spring can be a lean time in the kitchen garden. That is why this period was traditionally referred to as ‘the hungry season’. Green vegetables are bolting … Continue reading

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June Share & Swap

Last month’s neighbourhood Share & Swap was held in a local backyard where  fruit and vegetables grow abundantly all year round. Here, home-made  garden structures are created from recycled materials and  many common gardening problems are solved simply and organically. let’s take a quick tour of … Continue reading

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The neglected garden

Blogging about sustainability is not the only activity which has taken a back seat lately. Lots of other things seem to have temporarily fallen by the side.  So what does a usually productive garden look like after months of neglect? Months … Continue reading

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March Share & Swap

Today we returned to Rob & Marian’s garden to share & swap our surplus plants and backyard produce. Let’s have a quick look around this edible suburban garden. Here is Rob taking us on a tour of the backyard and explaining … Continue reading

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February Share & Swap

Today’s neighbourhood Share & Swap took place in our backyard with a variety of summer fruits and vegetables changing hands as well as recipes and tips for looking after chickens. This month Rob is chook minding for two local households away on holidays. … Continue reading

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