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After the rain

The downpour started at 3.30 am today. Although it was loud enough to wake us up we didn’t complain. This rain delivered 23.5 mls in less than an hour. The last time we experienced anything close to this amount was … Continue reading

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Autumn leaves in mid-summer

An unusual sight in the backyard this week – the leaves of ornamental pear trees, planted a few years ago for summer shade, are turning into striking autumn colours… in mid- summer. Could this be due to South Australia experiencing … Continue reading

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Coping with extreme heat

It’s a hot start to the New Year. Although today’s forecast maximum was 34°, the temperature reached 36.7° by mid-afternoon and a fire weather warning was issued several hours ago. Over the next few days the temperature is projected to … Continue reading

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Resilient South Project

The Resilient South project considers the impact of Climate Change in the Southern Region of Adelaide and identifies key areas requiring the implementation of adaptation measures. It was initiated in 2008/09 at a time when the Region was experiencing substantial heatwaves and severe storm … Continue reading

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Climate Change impacts on South Australia

Last Monday, we joined a large group of fellow South Australians to hear Darren Ray’s presentation on Climate Change and its impact for South Australia. Darren is the senior meteorologist and manager of the South Australia – Bureau of Meteorology Climate Section … Continue reading

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